Sakura Identi Pen Twin Point


Sakura Identi Pen Twin Point Keeps your writing as clear as day with its superior fiber point that won’t smear or fade. You don’t have to worry about a strong, unpleasant odor; this marker is totally xylene-free and low odor! It writes on almost any non-porous surface, from leather to plastic to paper and more.

All the convenience of one pen with three colors; black, red and blue. The line width of 1.0mm ensures that you achieve the desired result each time you use it.

All Variations

Product NamePriceQuantityAdd to Cart
Product Name: Sakura Identi pen twin point- Black XYK-TPrice: 90.00
Product Name: Sakura Identi pen twin point- in set of 6 colors XYK-T set APrice: 540.00
Product Name: Sakura Identi pen twin point- in set of 6 colors XYK-T set ABPrice: 540.00
Product Name: Sakura Identi pen twin point- in set of 8 colors XYK-T set of 8Price: 720.00

Sakura Identi Pen Twin Point

  • Get permanent, clear and consistent marking with this tough fiber point marker.

  • Xylene free and low odor formula makes it safe to use in any environment.

  • Versatile marker can write on a wide range of non-porous surfaces like plastic, metal, wood and so on.

  • Fine line width of 1.0mm provides accurate and neat lettering.

  • A perfect combination of convenience, safety and precision in 3 classic color options; Black, Red and Blue.



Sakura Art Material

The Sakura company was founded in 1912 as the “Nihon Seika” company. It manufactured paints, inks and other art materials. The company name was changed to “Sakura” in 1985.Sakura has a wide range of products for artists, including paints, inks, markers, brushes and paper. In particular, the company is known for its high-quality watercolors.Sakura’s paints are made from natural ingredients, and are free of harmful pigments and chemicals. The company’s inks are also environmentally friendly, and are perfect for drawing and calligraphy.Sakura markers are available in a wide range of colors, and the company’s brush range includes options for all types of artists, from beginners to experts. Sakura paper is available in a variety of textures and weights, making it perfect for any project.Artists around the world swear by Sakura products, and they are a favorite choice for students, hobbyists and professionals alike.

To Summarize

Sakura Art Material is a well-known and reliable brand for art materials. The quality of their products is impeccable and their prices are very reasonable. The most recommendable purchasing for art supplies from Sakura Art Material In India.If you’re looking for high quality, affordable art supplies, Sakura is the perfect choice. Hakimi Stationers made easy to get Sakura - Art Material supply online in India feel free to shop with us today.


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