Conte A Paris Natural Charcoal


  • Get the perfect charcoal sketches with Conté à Paris Natural Charcoal. Made from carbonized willow branches.

  • This natural charcoal provides a rich color that helps bring your creative ideas to life.

  • Available in multiple sizes and shapes, including Round (0.2″ Dia x 3.7″ L) and Square (0.15″ H x 0.15″ W x 3.7″ L), you can find the perfect charcoal for any of your projects!

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Product Name: Conte Compressed Charcoal Assorted Set 12 - 500364Size: SetPrice: 1,450.00
Product Name: Conte Natural Charcoal Square 4 MM Set of - 550089Size: 4 MMPrice: 452.00

Conte A Paris Natural Charcoal

  • Achieve lifelike charcoal sketches with Conté à Paris Natural Charcoal. Our carbonized willow branches provide a deep, rich color for a perfect representation of your ideas.

  • With multiple sizes and shapes available, you’re sure to find the perfect instrument that fits your needs.

  • From Round (0.2″ Dia x 3.7″ L) to Square (0.15″ H x 0.15″ W x 3.7″ L), you can bring your artwork to life with ease!


Conte A Paris

Conte A Paris - Art Material

Hakimi Stationer is a largest art material supply chain in India and an aurhorized dealer of Conte A Paris Art Material Supply.Conte A Paris is Based in france Nicolas Jacques Conté the company's founder has claimed the title of painter, chemist, physicist, hot air baloonist and inventor during the fifty years of his life. His historical achievement is undeniable.In 1794, he developed the modern graphite lead from a mixture of clay and graphite, thus making it finally possible to create different hardness grades for pencils. The pencil factory he set up in 1795, enabled France to produce its own calligraphy and drawing materials.A few years later, he developed “pencils without sleeves” (bare leads) replacing those made from “Italian stone”. He worked on making the colours “fixed and unchangeable” to meet the requirements of the painters of the day. Artists’ pencils and pastels were born.Over the decades, the quality and depth of its ranges have enabled Conté à Paris to establish itself as a true reference for artists worldwide. Used by top masters, amateur artists and art students alike, Conté à Paris offers the widest variety of techniques and effects possible for drawing, sketching and pastel work.

To Summarize

Conte A Paris has been a leading manufacturer of artist materials since 1795. They specialized in creating different hardness grades for pencils, and developed “pencils without sleeves” (bare leads). They are the wider supplier of pencil, charcoal, pastel and crayons.Hakimi Stationers made easy to get Conte A Paris Art Material supply online in India.


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