Schmincke Akademie Watercolour Sets


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Product Name: Schmincke  Akademie Plastic Set 10 X 1/2 PansPrice: 3,999.00
Product Name: Schmincke  Akademie Metal Set 12 X 1/2 PansPrice: 4,500.00




Schmincke is a manufacturer of fine art supplies based in Herford, Germany. It offers a wide range of products for drawing, painting, printmaking and sculpture, including paints, pastels, pencils, brushes and papers.The company was founded in 1881 by professor Hermann Schmincke and his apprentice, Oswald Simon. It originally produced artists' colors for Düsseldorf Academy of Arts. In 1953, the company was taken over by the Max Grundig Foundation, and in 1969 it became a subsidiary of the Otto Honsel AG. In 1998, it was acquired by the University of Technology in Braunschweig.

Schmincke offers a wide range of products for artists, including:

  • Paints: Schmincke offers a wide range of paints, including tube watercolors, gouache, acrylics and oil paints.
  • Pastels: Schmincke offers a range of soft and oil pastels in a variety of colors.
  • Pencils: Schmincke offers a range of artist's pencils in a variety of colors.
  • Brushes: Schmincke offers a range of brushes for a variety of applications, including watercolors, acrylics and oils.
  • Papers: Schmincke offers a wide range of artist papers, including watercolor paper, drawing paper and pastel paper.

To Summarize

Schmincke is one of the most renowned brands of artist paints and is known for its high quality, intense colors. The company has been in operation for over 150 years, with a commitment to the finest materials and craftsmanship. Schmincke makes a wide range of products for artists of all levels, from beginner to professional. Hakimi Stationers made easy to Buy Schmincke - Art Material supply online in India feel free to shop with us today.


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