Sakura Air Dry Clay Light


Air Dry Clay Light is white paper clay a 100 gms. Features ultra light, weight of moist clay is 15% of normal clay high great , velvety , white color paper clay. Least sticky to hands ,greater mild ,dries fast. AP accepted software Mix with water or poster colour and make lovely models and craft objects clean to paint while modeling and additionally after drying can be applied to cans/plastic bottles and so forth to make vases

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Sakura Air Dry Clay Light

  • Ultra light weight clay
  • Approx. 1/8 weight of conventional paper clay
  • 1/20 weight after dries.
  • Least sticky to hands, feels extremely smooth and very easy to mold.
  • Can make colored clay with paint.

Colouring Hints:

Coloring by colors:
Mixing watercolor or postercolors before modeling.
Coloring by markers:
Painting with water based markers after drying.



Sakura Art Material

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To Summarize

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