Zig Manga Drawing Ink Sumi 60ML


ZIG Sumi Ink is an ancient Japanese traditional mixture of organic materials, created by expert craftsmen. Made from the soot of pine branches, this deep black ink is a must for all the Japanese illustrators, by centuries. This Zig version has a Very smooth flow, especially crafted for drawing, lettering and calligraphy. Water based pigment, the Zig Sumi Ink has a marvellous dense coverage. It can be used for watercoloring tecniques, in order to obtain different depth shades. The ink is intensely black and dries to a matte neutral black with a slight sheen at concentrated areas. These are ideal tool for Calligraphy Dip Pens, Automatic Pens and brushes. Available in 60 ml bottle, large opening for easy dipping. It's quick-drying formula is perfect for drawing. Do not keep in direct light or high temperatures, and do not mix with any other inks. This ink is for dip pen use only. Do not use it inside fountain pens. 

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